About Us
THAI TOWEL CO., LTD. the manufacturer and distributor of refreshing towels with
the unique refreshing formula under the patent brands of FUJI , OKAY ,
SOFT & FRESH and CHIPPER as well as our clients brands for both domestic
and international.

THAI TOWEL CO., LTD. was initially established in 1988 under the registered name
of T.D.Y. TRADING PTD. Our products are certified by Food and Drug Administration,
Ministry of Public Health of Thailand since 1988.

With the continual business growth, we have been transformed to operate under the name of THAI TOWEL CO., LTD. in 1990.
The products are available in Thailand as well as in international markets,
France -U.S.A. Belgium Kuwait Saudi Arabia and etc.

With the distinctive scent, quality towel, attentiveness, and special offer providing
to customers, contribute us the confident and trust from our local and global
customers constantly.
Distinctive Products & Services
We offer the finest to completely satisfy our customers:
  • All unique quality raw materials in production process.
  • Products Customization as customers need.
  • Offering optional sizes of towel by received order.
  • Providing optional fragrances and color of towel as customer desire.
  • Offering any styles of a new package design and logo printing service as request.
  • Providing any possible request upon customers.
  • The stability of production quality and delivery time
  • Our company continuously improves the production processes, products and
  • services quality in order to provide the ultimate products and services to our customers.
  • It is our pleasure looking forward to associate with our new business partners both domestic and international for a good opportunity and ideal mutual benefits.
  • Deliberately expand in international market to coverage worldwide customers need.
  • Finest product customization as request to offer customers the best satisfaction.

Thai Towel Co.,Ltd
29/19 Moo 6 Tumbon Omyai
Amphur Sampran NakhonPhatom
73160 Thailand
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